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Mike Francis already produced 5000 artworks since he took a pencil for the first time at the age of 6, and still working.

As an Interior Designer, it is my love of art that guides me in the task of helping my readers and clients find the best color plans and designs for their lives. To me, Art and Design are parts of the same equation, and the road to striking that balance, for me, began the day I first took a pencil and started sketching.

Today, I strive to go beyond trends and design layouts that present themselves as works of art, and in that pursuit, I have kept myself appraised of many painters, including the work of an amazing contemporary: Mike Francis.

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This hyperrealist British painter started his career as a commercial illustrator in Soho and Hatton Garden through the late ’50s, ’60s, and early ’70s. Later on, he became a freelance artist with the Treadwell Gallery from 1974-1990, and then his latest paintings and shows with Whitford Fine Art, Messums, and Plus One.

Mike Francis is clearly influenced by his previous work as a commercial illustrator, but taking on a more imaginary approach. Mixing natural landscapes with elements of the urban as the backdrop for his subjects, the artist creates a narrative that viewers are invited to interpret and add to. His works blur the boundary between the real and the imaginary, to the point where they become indistinguishable.

Many of the pieces, both in oil and acrylic on canvas, concentrate on Francis's large-scale landscape, pool, and beach scenes. Often including a prominent female figure accompanied by a dog, many of his compositions possess a distinctive summer feel and remain vibrant in color and narrative. Some of his creations bare a resemblance to 1950s postcards, again highlighting how he combines styles from his commercial illustrator past with techniques more in tune with hyperrealism.

But those paintings are also tenderly observed studies: balancing on skyscraper heals, a young lady adjusts her shoe, a fragile young girl seems to drift ghost–like across a misty pond; a couple resigned to the background appear peaceful and contained, both entirely involved in their thoughts. These are the scenes of everyday life, as varied as the work from which Mike Francis draws his inspiration.

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New Mexico Hotel. Bathroom. Vacation.

The Inn of Five Graces is a luxury hotel boutique in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and it is set in the historic Barrio de Analco, the oldest neighborhood. The exterior of the building it's in traditional adobe and stone, but inside it's where the truly visual experience starts.

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Each unique room showcases handcrafted artisan pieces and one-of-a-kind treasures from the historic Silk Road that once linked Europe and Asia. Echoes of rustic Spain, lingering in New Mexico’s Hispanic heritage, are reflected in the Seret style’s trademark synthesis of East and West. But at this place promises, the experience is more than a whimsical accommodation.

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Another good thing about this Inn it's its location. Because it's downtown, The Five Graces is just blocks from the cultural, historical, and retail centers of Santa Fe along with an array of remarkable museums and restaurants.

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It's time to share my Amazon Faves. For this month I'm gonna show you how to decorate a living/dining in a contemporary style that you will love.

Contemporary living and dining room.

This is a glance at what you can get with the awesome pieces below that I carefully selected from Amazon, and complimented with additional accents from other brands.

This board shows a contemporary but organic style with shapes that are cozy and inviting; moody colors that help us to relax, and textures.

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